AAmaze Bank Statement Analyser

Know the borrower's financial health Recognize borrower's repayment intentions Recognize borrower's repayment capacity Extract insights to substantiate the borrower's credit line
Know the borrower's 
financial health
Recognize borrower's 
repayment intentions
Recognize borrower's 
repayment capacity
Extract insights to substantiate
 the borrower's credit line
AAmaze bank statement analyzer based on the AA eco-system aids in classifying transactions into different categories and delivering underwriters confidence to make quicker, smarter, and risk-free decision making based on borrower’s cash flow and financial behavior.

Feature Map

A one-size-fits-all decision engine

Efficiency scoring

Identifying irregularities in transactions

Categories identifying transaction patterns

Faster Go-To-Market for new products

Faster Go-To-Market for new products

Accommodate multiple applications and can deliver custom outputs

Aggregation across multiple bank accounts

Easily configurable and Highly sustainable

Benefits of AAmaze

Accuracy is the Mantra!

Processing Engine

AAmaze is the Yantra!

AAmaze is the Yantra!

Processing Engine

ML Modules are the Tantra!


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